Randolph County Fair

August 23rd - 27th, 2017

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Moving in the Right Direction

March 16, 2017

At the monthly March 15th meeting the members of the Randolph County Fair met to make a big decision for the 2017 fair. Taking a step in the right direction the members voted to move the dates of the fair to August 23rd - 27th. The members also voted on the opportunity to have a reasonable carnival to add to the even line up!

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2017 Randolph County Fair Schedule

The 2017 fair schedule has not been voted on yet. This year's fair will have a carnival back this year, along with a corn maze created by Teter Farms. There are a lot of new ideas the board has in mind for this year, but they are not possible without volunteers from the community. There are monthly meetings every third Wednesday at 6:30pm in the AG Complex at Camp Pioneer. 


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