Randolph County Fair

August 23rd - 27th, 2017

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Moving in the Right Direction

March 16, 2017

At the monthly March 15th meeting the members of the Randolph County Fair met to make a big decision for the 2017 fair. Taking a step in the right direction the members voted to move the dates of the fair to August 23rd - 27th. The members also voted on the opportunity to have a reasonable carnival to add to the even line up!

Livestock Show and Sale

4-H'ers from across Randolph County will exhibit their project animals at the 4-H Barn all weekend of the County Fair.  These 4-H 'ers will compete for showmanship and competitIve judging during the Livestock Show at 4:00 pm on Friday evening, and Livestock Showmanship Saturday morning at 9:00 am.  On Saturday at 4:30pm, these market lambs, beef, swine, goats and rabbits, as well as eggs, will be available for purchase by businesses and individuals.

4-H livestock projects are a gateway for young people to get introduced and involved in agriculture.  By completing project books, 4-H members are introduced to basic record keeping, costs, health records, housing and all the work involved in raising healthy animals for market.  Upon selling the animals, young people realize profit or loss and what it takes to provide food for the world.

In 2009, a total of 55 animals were sold, which included four market steers, 23 market lambs, five market goats, 19 market hogs, and four sets of market rabbits as well as 12 dozen eggs.  The revenue generated by the sale of animals and donated goods totaled $32,212.60, most of which went back to the 4-H members with livestock projects.  We hope to increase this total in 2010.  Your support is much appreciated!  

Please contact the Extension Office at 304-636-2455 if you are interested in becoming a buyer!

Thanks to:

 Randolph Co. Farm Bureau

Auctioneer: Charlie Helmick from Buckhannon Stockyard

Ring assistants: Robert Baker, Doug Copeman & Randy Elza

Announcer: Jennie Raines

Computer & Financial: Roxane Hare